UniTech Training and Support - Free Downloads


As part of UniTech's drive for increased efficiency and quality of service we are releasing versions of online demonstrations and tutorials from our support and training activities.

As technology has boomed and reaches into every corner of our daily lives the absorption of knowledge to efficiently harness IT is becoming increasingly challenging and for many a desperate battle. Computer Based Training or CBT, has evolved to accelerate the delivery of highly user friendly mechanisms to assist the learning process. UniTech utilises a variety of tools to deliver visual, audio and textural based tutorials that are appealing and most importantly to the point.

You can now access a range of online tutorials and demonstrations from the downloads section of the UniTech website.

Depending on the output format, UniTech is designing its training to be 'accessible'. What this means is they will be compliant (for example 508 compliance) in part or whole and will render audible output based on sub-sets of textural information amongst other features.

UniTech are committed to improving the accessibility of online and IT resources. To our users dependent on accessibility features, your feedback is especially valued so that we can help break down barriers to learning.

Over the coming weeks and months the selection of training and demonstration material will be added to - catering not just for the Systems Administrators but also less technical users. Any suggestions for material will be welcomed.